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✓ SOC 2 Type 2
✓ SOC 2 Type 2
Get code to production faster and comply with HIPAA, HITRUST, SOC 2, and more. We focus on security and compliance, so you can focus on your product.
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Hundreds of digital health companies — including 20+ unicorns 🦄 — build on Aptible:

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“Not only does Aptible make passing HIPAA and SOC 2 audits a breeze, but it also just takes away the stress of managing our own infrastructure. With Aptible, managing deployments is easy, especially with the ability to restart with zero-downtime.”

-Petr Hecko, Lead DevOps Engineer @ hims & hers

How Aptible Works

Aptible is a Docker-based Platform-as-a-Service that helps you go from code to cloud without ever worrying about managing servers.


Deploy Your app

Point the platform at an existing Docker image to deploy containers automatically, or let Aptible build Docker images for you.


Provision a Database

Quickly provision a database by picking a type and footprint and letting Aptible do the rest. Get your credentials instantly and resize the container and disk anytime.


Configure Your Environment

Aptible natively supports 12-factor apps—just provide a list of environment variables and Aptible will securely store and make them available.


Establish Encrypted Endpoints

Add an endpoint and Aptible will provision and configure a load balancer that includes SSL termination. You’ll get a hostname back you can use to create a CNAME or send traffic there directly.


Access Your Logs

Access your logs in real-time via the Aptible CLI. For long-term storage or more advanced use cases, configure a Log Drain to deliver your logs via Syslog or HTTPS.


Pass Audits

Aptible automates the design and operation of all of your infrastructure’s security controls. Evidence of your controls' performance is made available directly in your Aptible Dashboard.

A Trusted Platform That Grows With You

Complete audits faster with well-documented controls, clear audit trails for third parties, and all of the security and compliance features you need get certified.

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Prove Compliance With HIPAA and Pass Security Audits

Aptible saves you valuable engineering time by implementing and managing the operation of all the infrastructure security controls required to satisfy a variety of regulations and security frameworks such as HIPAA, HITRUST, and SOC 2 Type 2. Using Aptible means you'll be compliant and audit-ready from day one.

List of target frameworks that Aptible addresses. HIPAA, HITRUST, and SOC 2 Type 2
Deploy a HIPAA-Compliant App

Aptible’s HIPAA-compliant App and Database hosting frees your engineering team to focus on innovation--and not compliance--by providing you with all of the security and compliance controls required to safely store or process HIPAA-protected health information.

Accelerate Your HITRUST CSF Certification

Get to HITRUST Audit-Readiness faster by hosting your Application and Database on an Aptible dedicated stack. Once deployed on Aptible, your team will save hours on HITRUST audit prep by seamlessly inheriting dozens of security controls from Aptible’s own HITRUST CSF Validated Assessment.

Get SOC 2 Type 2 Certified

Accelerate your time to SOC 2 Audit-readiness by using Aptible to host your application and database infrastructure. Once deployed on Aptible, passing your SOC 2 audit is faster than ever as your security team will enjoy easy access to Aptible’s infrastructure control monitoring and evidence.

Get To Market Faster Without Compromising on Security

Deliver digital products in the fastest time possible while keeping your sensitive data safe, secure, and available—24x7 through fully-managed infrastructure security controls.

List of target frameworks that Aptible addresses. HIPAA, HITRUST, and SOC 2 Type 2
Automate Vulnerability Management

Remove the work of architecting your infrastructure for secure development, and abstract away the drudgery of constantly scanning and remediating your host and network for vulnerabilities with Aptible’s built-in and fully managed network and host vulnerability management.

Harden Your Network Security

Develop and launch applications in a network that’s fully protected through a series of mechanisms and controls thoughtfully implemented for defense-in-depth network security.

Simplify Identity and Access Management (IAM)

Aptible minimizes access issues and protects user accounts by simplifying access management of your infrastructure.

Enjoy Reliable, Failsafe DevOps Without the Overhead

Aptible fully manages and monitors your infrastructure, scaling to your needs as you grow so your team can focus on building great products without ever having to think about infrastructure.

List of target frameworks that Aptible addresses. HIPAA, HITRUST, and SOC 2 Type 2
Reliably Deploy your Docker App Without Risk or Downtime

Choose the deployment option that works best for you, be it having Aptible build a Docker image from your code to run, or deploying from an existing image registry like AWS ECR and DockerHub.

Monitor and Scale Your App On-Demand

As your App's usage grows, Aptible scales with you. Aptible helps you to monitor container metrics and scale your infrastructure on-demand without ever having to worry about any underlying configurations or constraints.

Minimize Downtime And Deliver High Availability

Ensure your end users never have to experience a moment of downtime with Aptible providing you with all the required features to ensure high availability, with a guaranteed SLA of 99.95%

Secure, Audit-ready App Deployment in 16 Fewer Steps Than AWS

Aptible automates most of the steps to AWS deployment, so you can launch without roadblocks or delays.

Amazon web services
It takes 19 steps to
deploy on AWS.
  1. Develop your application
  2. Implement app-level security controls
  3. Select an operating system
  4. Harden the operating system
  5. Select and implement backend IAM roles
  6. Define network topology, e.g. VPC + subnets
  7. Implement NAT
  8. Select network security controls, security groups
  9. Set up a deployment pipeline
  10. Configure auditing, e.g. CloudTrail, and audit for coverage
  11. Select and implement database encryption at rest
  12. Select and implement a database backup strategy
  13. Select and implement encryption at rest for database backups
  14. Select a load balancing strategy
  15. Select and configure SSL/TLS endpoints
  16. Select and configure host-level monitoring, alerting
  17. Select and implement host-level vulnerability scanning
  18. Select and implement network vulnerability scanning
  19. Deploy

Use Aptible and Deploy in Three Steps

Save your engineering team the headache of building compliant infra on AWS. Use Aptible and get back to building your product. Request a demo to see how it works.

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Who uses Aptible?

Aptible is built for engineers who would rather focus on product innovation rather than building compliant cloud infrastructure. Engineers choose Aptible because it's the fastest and safest way to bring a new product to market.

Teams that would rather not try to DIY on AWS.
Dev teams with no security expert.
Teams that need to focus on development and still get compliant.
“When evaluating a vendor, our priorities were trust, transparency, and reliability. Aptible hits them all, allowing us to focus on what we do without worrying about all the layers of legal and technical ops hurdles.”

Alex Villa, COO

“Aptible enabled us to develop our application more efficiently and to breeze through hospital security audits, saving us effort and speeding up our sales process.”

Ryan Aipperspach, CTO

Focus on innovation,
not compliance

Eliminate compliance stress and get your app out into the world.

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