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Bob Fairhead
Bob Fairhead
November 7, 2019

Aptible Deploy provides universally resolvable Database Credential hostnames

Aptible Deploy now uses A record entries in public DNS for new Database Credential hostnames, enabling customers with connectivity into their Deploy environment to resolve the hostname from outside. The DNS record will directly return the private IP address of the database inside their Deploy environment. This change will not affect the vast majority of our customers' operations and does not impact public Endpoints at all.

Previously, we used DNS CNAME records for Database Credential hostnames. Those records could only be resolved within the AWS Region in which they were hosted, preventing customers using a VPC peering connection or VPN tunnel from connecting directly to the database. Instead, they had to rely on an internal endpoint or a hardcoded IP address. This change removes the need for those workarounds.

To update an existing database to use an A record, you will need to restart your database.