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Skylar Anderson
Skylar Anderson
October 30, 2017

Gridiron Reports Make Audit Prep Fast and Easy

Gridiron reports are the fastest way to generate visibility into the status of your Information Security Management System. With Gridiron Reports, you can:

  • Prep for an audit faster

  • Sell to large customers with more confidence

  • Conduct internal audits more effectively

Today we are announcing 4 new Gridiron Reports. All reports are available both as interactive dashboards on dashboard.aptible.com and as CSV exports.

Asset Inventory Report

The Asset Inventory Report provides deep visibility into your how your app, network, and database components are deployed to the cloud.

Audit Log Report

The Audit Log Report makes it easy to quickly determine the source and destination for all audit logs across your ISMS.

Training History Report

The Training History Report makes it easy to prove to an auditor that your workforce training is up to date by providing a detailed history of all training sessions completed by your workforce.

Business Continuity Report

The new Business Continuity report makes responding to incidents more straightforward by taking the guesswork out of system prioritization.