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Bob Fairhead
Bob Fairhead
March 25, 2020

Improved security and navigation in the Deploy Dashboard

The Deploy Dashboard has been updated to improve its security and the clarity of its navigation. These updates should not impact the majority of our users' daily workflows. For those impacted, we hope these changes will lead to an improved experience.

Managing SSH keys and logging out all sessions now require a re-authentication before being accessible. This brings these two security-relevant options up to the same standard as the "Security Settings" in the Dashboard. Requiring re-authentication prevents someone who has gained access to an existing session, for example by taking an unattended laptop, from taking these actions. As part of this change, the "Log out all sessions" checkbox will no longer appear in the regular log out process. It will continue to be available in "Security Settings."

For users in multiple organizations, the Dashboard now provides an option to switch between each organization individually. The selector will appear in the upper right of the dashboard if you are a member of multiple organizations. The Deploy resources displayed will now be only for the selected organization, reducing the visual clutter and preventing accidental resource creation in the incorrect organization. As our customer base continues to grow and mature, they have increased their use of multiple organizations for corporate or compliance reasons. We hope this change will improve the usability of the Dashboard for those users.