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Alex Kubacki
Alex Kubacki
October 31, 2017

Introducing Strict Health Checks

We’re happy to announce that you can now opt-in to Strict Health Checks for your Apps hosted on Enclave.

If you enable Strict Health Checks, Enclave will expect your app to respond on the /healthcheck route with 200 OK if it’s healthy, and any other status if not.

In contrast, if you do not enable this feature (i.e. just leave things as-is) enabled, Enclave simply expects your app to return a valid HTTP response (i.e. a 404 would be acceptable).

Strict Health Checks apply both to Release Health Checks and Runtime Health Checks. Release Health Checks let you cancel the deployment of your app if health checks are failing, and Runtime Health Checks let you route traffic away from unhealthy containers or failover to Enclave’s error page server if all your containers are down.