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Alex Kubacki
Alex Kubacki
May 16, 2016

Aptible Logs: v2

If you are on an Aptible “v2” stack, which automatically scales your app containers across AWS Availability Zones, you have probably noticed that the aptible logs CLI command has been deprecated. As an alternative, you’ve been able to use Log Drains to collect app logs.

A Log Drain’s ability to persist logs (not just stream them) makes it a robust option, however each drain requires some setup. aptible logs is built in to the Aptible CLI, requires no additional setup, and makes it easy to see what is happening in your app right now.

We’re happy to announce that aptible logs is available on Aptible v2 stacks!

How Can I Use It?

If you already have the Aptible CLI installed, then you don’t need to do anything: using aptible logs from the CLI works on all stacks as of today. There is a deprecation notice for aptible logs in older versions of the CLI - you can make it go away by updating the CLI.

If you don’t have the CLI installed, follow the installation instructions first.

Technical Details

aptible logs on v2 stacks is implemented as a Log Drain that doesn’t drain: instead, it buffers logs received from log forwarders and allows clients to stream the buffer.

As a result, the first time you use aptible logs on a v2 stack, we’ll take a few minutes to automatically provision a special new “tail” Log Drain, if you don’t already have one. Once you have a tail Log Drain, subsequent aptible logs calls are fast.

If you have any questions or feedback about this new feature, please let us know!