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Alex Kubacki
Alex Kubacki
April 22, 2019

New Log Drains for LogDNA will use HTTPS delivery

For reliability purposes, LogDNA has added support for receiving your logs via HTTPS, instead of Syslog, from Enclave Log Drains. Aptible recommends all Enclave customers to make the switch to HTTPS delivery.

For new Log Drains, the guided setup will prompt you for a URL, rather than a Host and Port combination. Please review LogDNA’s documentation for the correct URL to use, as it will require your LogDNA Injestion Key : https://docs.logdna.com/docs/aptible-logs

For your existing LogDNA Log Drains, you should replace each Syslog drain with a new HTTPS Log Drain. Be sure to create the new HTTPS Drain before deleteing the Syslog one, to avoid interruption in delivery.