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Alex Kubacki
Alex Kubacki
January 20, 2017

RabbitMQ Management Interface

We’re happy to announce that the RabbitMQ management interface is now available for RabbitMQ databases deployed on Aptible Enclave. Until now, only the AMQP port was exposed, so you could push messages to queues, but managing queues was more difficult.

There’s a lot the RabbitMQ management interface can be used for, but for the most part it’s useful to review and manipulate the queues that exist in your RabbitMQ container.

How do I access it?

The RabbitMQ management interface is exposed by default on new RabbitMQ databases provisioned on Enclave. In the Aptible Dashboard, select your database, then select the “Credentials” link at the top. A modal will reveal all connection strings for that database, named by function:

For existing RabbitMQ databases, we can enable the management interface following a short downtime (about 30 seconds). If you’d like to do that, or have any feedback or questions, just let us know!