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Alex Kubacki
Alex Kubacki
October 10, 2017

TCP and TLS Endpoints are now Generally Available

We’re happy to announce that TCP and TLS Endpoints have left private beta and are now generally available in Enclave!

Compared to Enclave’s other Endpoint type (HTTPS Endpoints), TCP and TLS Endpoints are lower-level primitives that give you more flexibility. For example, you can use TCP or TLS Endpoints to deploy non-HTTP apps on Enclave, or take ownership of TLS termination in your app. One particularly notable use case for healthcare companies is to run a Mirth Connect receiver to ingest HL7 data.

Note that, being lower-level primitives, TCP and TLS Endpoints do not include as many bells and whistles as HTTPS Endpoints. In particular, they do not currently automate zero-downtime deployment (but you can of course leverage them to architect that yourself).

You can create and manage TCP and TLS Endpoints starting today using Aptible Toolbelt commands:

Read-only access is already available in the Dashboard as well. Read-write access will be available in the Dashboard soon!