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“Not only does Aptible make passing HIPAA and SOC 2 audits a breeze, but it also just takes away the stress of managing our own infrastructure. With Aptible, managing deployments is easy, especially with the ability to restart with zero-downtime.”

Petr Hecko, Lead DevOps Engineer

Able Health
“Our team couldn’t relate to what we had pieced together (with different systems, sources, and spreadsheets.) We needed something that was tailored to us.”

Able Health chose Aptible to ensure HIPAA compliance and meet the highest standards for security and privacy for their customers.

Steve Daniels, Co-founder and President

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“When I first learned about Aptible, I had never been so excited about security work.”

PathAI used Aptible to design a Security Management program and get ISO 27001 certified months ahead of schedule.

Joe Adu, Director of Technology

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Stellar Health
“Aptible is semi-magic—it would have taken me three months to build it myself... We were able to launch an alpha customer in three months with only three engineers. Two years later, we were able to pass HITRUST compliance. It wasn't that hard to pass largely due to Aptible.”

Octavian Costache, CTO

“When evaluating a vendor, our priorities were trust, transparency, and reliability. Aptible hits them all, allowing us to focus on what we do without worrying about all the layers of legal and technical ops hurdles.”

Alex Villa, COO

“It’s hard to sum up all of the things Aptible does because it provides so many of the security functions we need to meet compliance requirements, including HIPAA. Aptible is a product that just works, and, paired with their great support team, we continuously save on DevOps and Security Operations costs.”

Chip Ach, VP of Engineering

“Aptible has made it easy for us to manage our infrastructure. We are able to scale and upgrade our app without needing to worry about configuration details and downtime.”

Solomon Liu, Principal Software Engineer

“We've used Aptible to host our application for ~3 years now. During this time we've scaled flexibly, experienced zero down time, and have been privy to tremendous, timely support when we've needed it.”

Brian Kuyath, CTO

“Aptible provides infrastructure software we’ve come to rely on every day. They’ve played a significant role in our appeal and ability to take on new clients--both in our sales process and technical integration process.”

James Dempsey, Lead Developer

Project Beacon
“We were able to rely on Aptible’s functionality to give us the controls we would need to handle sensitive data in the midst of a pandemic. Time and quality was of the essence. Aptible helped us to get to both quickly.”

Project Beacon deploys rapidly to optimize COVID-19 testing strategies and improve public health in Massachusetts

M. Jackson Wilkinson, CTO

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CarePort Health powered by WellSky
“We've been with Aptible for over 6 years and throughout that time they've been a fantastic partner, offering excellent service and support. By handling HIPAA compliance and providing secure infrastructure, Aptible has allowed us to focus on building great applications and helping patients to achieve better outcomes.”

Sean Santry, VP of Engineering

Greenspace Mental Health
“Having been on Aptible for over 6 years, it powers our platform across multiple data centers internationally and helped us pass HIPAA, SOC2 and many other privacy and security audits with flying colors.”

Mike Lerner, CTO & Co-founder

“Aptible enabled us to develop our application more efficiently and to breeze through hospital security audits, saving us effort and speeding up our sales process.”

Ryan Aipperspach, CTO

Health Catalyst
“I'm not sure what we would do without Aptible. We would have to hire 3 more people and we still would not have the high level of support and tooling that Aptible provides.”

Mark Siemers, Software Engineering Manager

Medical Memory
“We literally wouldn't be in business without Aptible. Aptible handles almost 90% of my DevOps requirements. This frees precious developer resources so that they can do what they love to do - develop great software. I can also rely on the experts at Aptible to ensure the system is secure. I've even had potential clients start their security review with 'who is your hosting provider?' and when we answer 'Aptible' they respond 'Oh yes, that's a good start.'”

Bruce White, CTO

Rightway Healthcare
“[Aptible] helps me sleep better at night.It handles all the DevOps and offers turnkey HIPAA compliance in the cloud. Support is stellar and they are always happy to talk through issues big and small. Aptible [Deploy] allows us to feel confident we're able to use the cloud safely with PHI. Everything we need is automatic.”

Ion Feldman, CTO

“Aptible provides us a robust and secure platform to build our technology on. It's alleviated pain points with HIPAA compliance and saved us tons of money and time.”

Sameer Khanna, VP of Engineering

Customer Empowerment

Our customers' stories give life to our mission of building trust on the internet by empowering teams. In that endeavor, we have a few signposts that guide our decision-making, and help make us trusted advisors for our clients.

Customer empowerment happens on every level

We think of customer success in terms of empowerment and growth through self-improvement, which makes it easy to have a deep passion for that success. We want to see our customers grow into mature teams that excel at protecting data.

We give away knowledge over swag

We help our customers by solving hard problems in multiple domains. Our customers look to us as guides, and we weave our deep legal and technical experience into our software and services. Our products teach you how to get better as you use them.

We'll share our knowledge even if you're not a customer

Our customers value being lean; doing more with less time and money, and fewer people. Our products give them do just that by making complex processes simple and safe. With Comply, our customers can launch an enterprise-grade compliance program without a CISO or security department. With Aptible, our customers get a secure, highly-available, fault-tolerant infrastructure without the overhead of a DevOps team.

The customer is not always right

Sometimes we tell customers things they don’t want to hear, to help them improve. We think about empowerment across the entire team, not just product: In our marketing, we’re more likely to give away knowledge than swag. In sales, we always try to answer substantive questions and provide a roadmap for prospects, even if they don’t buy.

Focus on innovation,
not compliance

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