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Aptible Employee Handbook

The Aptible Handbook is our team’s guide for how we work together, and how we work with our community of developers and customers. It’s part social contract, part procedure manual. But as you will see, the Handbook is more the former rather than the latter.

Why do we publish the Handbook publicly? We’re committed to transparency and clarity. Transparency is a core part of how Aptible works, both internally and externally. As a fully distributed but highly collaborative organization, we must be intentionally clear about how we work.

This is where we try to share everything that, especially, prospective and new team members should know about Aptible. We also include pages on what we aim to achieve as well as how we aim to achieve it. This handbook is public, but there will still be sensitive information, such as customer or financial details, that we’ll keep only for Aptible team members. Those items are linked from this handbook but are protected behind a login.


  1. About Aptible
  2. Mission & Strategy
  3. Goals
  4. Our Teams
  5. How We Work
  6. Interviewing at Aptible
  7. Team & Employee Empowerment

Contributing to this Handbook

We welcome pull requests and issues, so feel free to contribute as you see fit.

To keep the handbook organized, we use subfolders for each section and any subsections that require multiple pages. Each subfolder should have exactly one README/ acting as the index of the directory. Subfolders can also contain additional pages linked from the README/. For now, we limit the layers of hierarchy to two. All images should be uploaded to the root folder images directory.

Aptible 2021 Onsite in San Diego - Team Dinner.

Aptible 2021 Onsite in San Diego - Team Dinner.
From left-to-right, Aptible team members: Ann Guilinger, Ashley Mathew, Henry Hund, Alex Kubacki, Skylar Anderson, Keshav Vasudevan